Where human decision making meets AI

Our proprietary AI technology is based on foundational work in Decision Science at Carnegie Mellon University, combining the academic research with applied multidimensional approach to decision making.


Our unique methodology of identifying Mental Models was pioneered by Baruch Fischhoff, Ph.D. of Carnegie Mellon University. The methodology has been successfully deployed globally over the last 25 years at major corporations and institutions.


Thanks to our team's AI expertise, we now augment this unique methodology with the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technology.                                   

                                                  Evidence not Anecdotes


Clear procedures for translating insights and new knowledge, into high precision strategies, tactics and communications to address judgment and decision making as intended on the topics at hand

                                    Data not Intuition


AI technology for navigating the complex process of judgment and decision making and identifying the most powerful factors governing both

How do we think?

This seemingly simple question is one of the most complex to answer. We know that neurons form an intricate net  to form thought patterns. We also know that neurons can transmit and receive electrical nerve signals at a speed close to 200 miles per hour. There is practically no limit to thoughts that our brains can create. But,  although scientists have made great strides in unlocking the secrets of the brain, the exact process still eludes us.

Based on foundational work in decision science at Carnegi Mellon University, hiClarity combines the academic research with applied multidimensional approach to decision making.


Why do we take certain actions?

Our sophisticated AI technology identifies gaps in optimal decision making, and allows leaders to maximize their organization’s performance .

What drives our decision making?

Like the human brain, our AI neural network learns. Our learning algorithms are fed by complex decision making

mental modeling data, both structured

and unstructured, gathered over a period of 25 years.

We deploy Google Brain’s TensorFlow to train our neural network and for distributed training.


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