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Deep Insight™ is the world’s most advanced AI system for managing complex missions, operations, initiatives and ventures where success hinges on understanding and enabling people’s judgment and decision making.

The core of Deep Insight™ is an AI process identifying the factors most powerfully influencing decision making and enabling decision makers to understand how people think about risks and benefits and value. We offer services that enable decision makers to predict cause and effect and criteria for judging the trustworthiness and competence of people, organizations and communications.


Deep Insight™ identifies explicit, transparent models that allow decision-makers to better understand causality and prepare predictive scenarios of strategies (actions) and communications (content) from millions of possibilities, to enable the highest probability of selecting the optimal scenario and inform decisions about allocation of resources and risks.


Deep Insight™ utilizes AI to automate finely honed methodologies that enable companies to precisely identify what drives various target groups’ decisions and behaviors, via the science of AI to identify their mental models and formulate strategic and tactical plans based on these rich     data sets.

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We deploy learning algorithms that improve over time as they process the rich data sets. We deploy high performance platforms such as Google Brain’s TensorFlow to train our neural network.

We blend structured and unstructured data to generate unprecedented accuracy and reliability to optimize operations, planning and execution.

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Our technology leverages the latest advances in the decision science, behavioral sciences and AI to enable leaders to deliver high value outcomes.

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